Dangerous places worth visiting


For many people, travel presents the opportunity to leave their worries behind, to visit a beautiful paradise, and to get some peaceful rest and relaxation done. A part of me agrees with that description. I believe that travel does present a wonderful change of pace and the allure of rest and relaxation does sound good most of the time.

Still, I am the type of person that craves adventure and excitement to truly feel alive. Rest and relaxation, I can get simply by kicking back at one of the resorts close to my home. To feel like I’ve truly broken free of my usual routine, however, I require a little more stimulation.


Image Source: touropia.com


When asked about my willingness to go to dangerous places, my answer would be: “Sure, why not?” While it seems like a bad life decision, given the horrible scares that can be seen in movies about silly tourists going to dangerous countries and the real dangers that we see on the news, it is hard for me to pass up the opportunity to go through something that could be eye-opening and life-changing.

That’s why I want to visit places like Russia, Kenya, Venezuela, and Haiti. I’ve read that each of them has different problems about the crime rate and random acts of violence to tourists. But, therein lie the mystery and excitement. I often find myself asking: What if it isn’t as bad out there as the articles described? Why are these places still worth visiting despite the risks? These are the questions that I’d like to answer myself by venturing out of my comfort zone.


Image Source: 1213online.org


I’m Pete Thomas Scamardo and I’m just another guy with a passion for adventure. For more stories of my travels, please visit this:
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About petescamardo1

Hi, I’m Pete Scamardo, an accounting professional from Los Angeles. At least once a year, I go to various destinations for rest, relaxation, adventure, and exploration. This is because I firmly believe that there is more to life than what is right in front of people, and it is important for everyone to go out and explore to cultivate a better appreciation for what one has.
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