Travel and technology: Smartphone apps I can’t travel without


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A reader asked me in one of my Pete Scamardo blogs to pick a smartphone app I can’t travel without. You see, I consider apps as essential tools that may come in handy while on the road. So for this blog, I’m rounding up some of my favorite travel apps.

Google Translate: Along with the very basic (and necessary) Google Maps, this app is something you should have during travel. If you want to understand an unfamiliar language, say for instructions on how to get to the nearest restaurant, this app would be useful.

Pinterest: Through this app, you can collect beautiful photos of exciting destinations through the Web and pin them in a virtual pinboard for inspiration for your next travel. You can also pin your own photos and create exciting albums.


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Muzio: If you are fond of narrating and sharing your adventures on social networks, this app is certainly for you. In this app, you can organize a running collection of photos, videos, audio notes, and text you made during your travel.

Oyster: This app is a perfect travel companion for readers. For less than 10 dollars a month, you can read an unlimited number of books whenever you need them, online or offline.

Waze: This is like Google Maps but with real-time updates from different users (with regard traffic, accidents, etc.). Waze’s social media function would definitely be useful while on the road.


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Hi, I’m Pete Scamardo, an accounting professional from Los Angeles. At least once a year, I go to various destinations for rest, relaxation, adventure, and exploration. This is because I firmly believe that there is more to life than what is right in front of people, and it is important for everyone to go out and explore to cultivate a better appreciation for what one has.
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