Five must-visit US destinations for 2014

Sometimes the best destinations for travel are actually nearer to people than they think. Many often think of going overseas when planning their dream vacation that they tend to forget that their own country has a lot of wonderful offerings they haven’t even seen yet. There is nothing wrong with dreaming of a getaway at an unfamiliar place. However, it is also a good idea to consider places closer to home every once in a while.

With this in mind, here are a few suggestions from Lonely Planet for good places to visit in the US in 2014:

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1. Michigan. Grand Rapids, the state’s second-largest city, has great things for beer enthusiasts and art aficionados. It has been voted as the best beer city in the US by the national Beer Examiner blog in 2012 and 2013, its arts scene is thriving, and it has Lake Michigan’s Gold Coast, which is one of the most unexpected beach getaways in the US.

2. California. Central California Coast offers a good option for those looking for a good road trip. It has laid-back beach towns, an iconic and sea-hugging Hwy 1, pleasant weather, hardly any people in sight, and cliff-top lookouts, among other wonderful features.

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3. Georgia. This state has one of the most underdeveloped places in the nation, and Cumberland Island is an unspoiled paradise. It remains as a great destination for people who like to camp out and enjoy virgin beaches, windswept dunes, and beautiful sunrises.

4. Hawaii. Lana’i is also a great destination for people who love adventure. The smallest of the visitable Hawaiian Islands, this island is great for its empty beaches, snorkeling and diving spots, and rugged hiking trails.

5. Missouri. Kansas City offers a great experience for laid-back vacationers who just want to enjoy good food, good music, and a relaxing time in a beautiful place.

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For more suggestions on great vacation destinations, visit this Pete Scamardo Twitter page.


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Hi, I’m Pete Scamardo, an accounting professional from Los Angeles. At least once a year, I go to various destinations for rest, relaxation, adventure, and exploration. This is because I firmly believe that there is more to life than what is right in front of people, and it is important for everyone to go out and explore to cultivate a better appreciation for what one has.
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One Response to Five must-visit US destinations for 2014

  1. Sara Summers says:

    I’m planning a vacation in the US next year but I am not sure where to go. Thanks to this post. It made my decision a bit easier. 🙂

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