Rediscovering the historical greatness of New Orleans

A travel to New Orleans goes beyond the tradition of Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday. Within the city is a wealth of historical sites that are worth visiting to the delight of those who are craving the city’s rich historical culture.

Although morbid for some tastes, part of New Orleans’ must-see attractions are its cemeteries. Dubbed the “cities of the dead,” the cemeteries show a lot about a city’s past, as evidenced by ornate designs inspired by French and Spanish architecture. Their ghostly atmospheres are perfect for trips that aim for excitement and adventure.

Monuments, statues, and memorials are also fair game in New Orleans. In a list found at commercial genealogy and social networking website,, Louisiana’s most beloved monuments are said to be found in New Orleans, including the Equestrian statue of Andrew Jackson that is one of the most recognizable in the state.

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Other notable structures are the Bienville Monument in Bienville Place, Margaret Haughery Statue, Robert E. Lee Monument, Winston Churchill Statue, Benjamin Franklin Statue, and the Spanish-American War Monument located at Loyola Avenue.

For those who want to experience New Orleans at its very best, U.S. News advises tourists to tour the city’s French Quarter, which is described as “the heart and soul of the city.” Recognized as a “National Historic Landmark,” the Quarter, otherwise known as Vieux Carré, gives people a taste of the original New Orleans colony in the 1700’s.

Indeed, New Orleans is more than about festivities and celebrations. It’s home to some of the country’s richest historical sites that know no season for visits.

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